Monday, February 26, 2007


I did up an image for the CHaracter Of the Week. It was my first entry. The criteria is as follows:

Non-Human Law Enforcement Officer
From any time period, must be obviously non-human (robots are ok, pointy elf-ears are not enough). Must also have a uniform with insignia and at least one non-lethal weapon.

Homo-Skinkians are a highly evolved species who share traits with their reptilian ancestors, being able to regenerate severed limbs. This race of beings has developed crime deterrents by grafting sheers onto its law enforcement officers so that they can incapacitate their suspects without causing permanent bodily damage, though in recent years the number of lawsuits aimed at law enforcers has spiked with complaints of discoloration in regrown appendages…

Friday, February 9, 2007


Welcome to my blog!

This will be the place where I post my latest illustrations, sketches and doodles. I will try to post new works from the week each and every Monday so stop by often and feel free to post lots of comments!