Monday, March 12, 2007

CHOW #62

My recent entry into the's Character of the Week challenge. This week's guidelines:

Intelligent life forms have been visiting our planet for thousands of years. They created a giant landing strip in the Nazca desert. They have been celebrated as statues and other relics created by many civilizations in Central America.

Design a space traveller (humanoid or otherwise) wearing a costume influenced by Aztec or other similar cultures.

What I came up with:
The Space traveller's normally reliable AZ-Technology Interstellar Wormhole Portal Generator failed on a long-ago trip and he found himself trapped on a alien planet and surrounded by a primitive people. Utilizing his superior type A personality he managed to convince the tribal people to build for him a series of pyramid type structures to guide his way back home...


Sunny Lee said...

where's my color pieces?

Mark Winters said...

Weren't you s'posed to send me that TMNT pic? It's my fav.