Monday, October 22, 2007

CHOW #93

My entry into's Character of the Week.

The Brief reads as follows:


Time period: Turn of the century (1900's England, Northern Europe or North East U.S.).

The Apple Gatherer is an outdoor bogeyman. Sublime, subtle, deceitful and malicious. He is known to keep company with goblins, kobolds, redcaps and other foul ferries. He is especially fond of children, small dogs, and farm cats.
Seen most frequently in apple orchards, he haunts only during the twilight hours, when he is most likely to catch a farmer's child lingering unawares.
Focus on the psychology and emotional impact of the character. He needs to be believable and frightening* - NOT just some monster slammed together.
DESIGN NOTE: This brief is specific. You WILL NOT make it to poll if you do not follow the brief. Be creative within the parameters you have been given!
*I want some serious freak-factor going - not horror or blood and gore.

I didn't give myself much time to work on this piece. Too many social things to attend to! Birthdays, Halo, Super Puzzle Fighter. Oh my! :P


shou' said...

The lighting from the candle looks a little awkward for the other side of the tree stump and I could partial of it bleeding on the pants. Otherwise it looks nice.

The Ghost Rider below looks hot~

Mark Winters said...

shou' - good eye! The discrepancy in the lighting was the result of a change in the light source mid stream. I wanted to change it so that it better conformed but I ran out of time :( Thanks for the comment!