Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here's a rough for my next oil painting.


tlc illustration said...

Part Medusa, part Lamia(snake/woman)? Very cool. Great eyes on her. :-)

So can I ask what your process is - i.e. how much digital vs. real-life pencil at this stage?

Mark Winters said...

The snake body was inspired by 'The Calsh of the Titans'! I love that movie. :)

I started with a rendered pencil drawing that was fairly tight. I then photographed it and brought it into Photoshop where I worked up the values. A lot of the pencil got covered, some of it is still there. If the values and the line work of the pencil renderings met the values I needed I left them. Nothing clinical. I'd say at this point most of it is digital.

Ray Dillon said...

Wow. That's so rough I can barely see what that is. Why is the camel drinking a soda pop in New York city? That's what it is, right? I can't tell because it's so rough.

Dude, if this is how thought out my prelims are supposed to be to get as good at painting as you, then I'm screwed. This would kill me thinking it was just the rough stage.

Amazing job! I really can't wait to see this one finished. I'm going to have to talk to you about oil paintings...

Brilliant work, Mark.